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Jam Session - Selected Songs from Let it Be Film Shoot - 1969

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Jam Session - Selected Songs from Let it Be Film Shoot - 1969

Published March 16, 2010

This audio consists of over 2 hours of recordings from the Beatles' Let it Be film shoot, arranged into an ultimate career-spanning virtual jam session. Hits, covers and unreleased cuts, a mixed and mastered for the first time. Performed off-the-cuff with no overdubs. I excerpted some of the individual tracks; the actual "jam Session" consists of the tracks named Pt 1 and Pt 2 at the bottom of the list. By the way, other than this the Beatles aren't really found performing their massive catalog as they weren't playing shows, which is why I felt driven to do this.

Mastered March 13-15, 2010 by Fritz "Indahouse" Desire


Love Me Do
You want a session job (dialogue)
She Came in through the Bathroom Wndow
On the Road to Marrakesh
Strawberry Feilds Forever (piano)
Sexy Sadie instrumental
Something (George and Ringo)
Short Fat Fannie
Good Rocking Tonight and Paul dialogue (very revealing, Paul reading an article about the group breaking up while they're playing a song)
Queen Says No to Pot Smoking FBI Members (dialogue)
All Things Must Pass
Mean Mr. Mustard
Mad Man
Dig a Pony
I Fancy Me Chances
The Back Seat of My Car
I Told You Before (Billy Preston organ instrumental)
Let It Be
Commonwealth (elitist song from Paul)
Through a London Window
I Threw it All Away (George doing Dylan)
You Win Again
Oh! Darling
I Me Mine
Let It Down
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
House of the Rising Sun
Across the Universe
Diggin My Potatoes
Three Cool Cats
Stand By Me
Stand By Me 2nd try
Besame Mucho
Sweet Lttle Sixteen
Two of Us
Two of Us 2nd Try
Crackin Up interlude
Third Man Theme
Octopus's Garden
Forty Days
Get Off interlude
I Told You Before Reprise
Suzy's Parlour
Hi_Heel Sneakers interlude
I'm Talking About You interlude
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
There You Are, Eddie (funny)
Don't Let Me Down
Something Reprise
Isn't It a Pity
I'm So Tired
Dig It 7 minute extended version (total sync, I added this at the last minute without listening to it, and John starts calling out song titles to a bunch of other songs)
Won't You Please Say Goodbye
Hear Me Lord (fadeout)

1 - Dig It (Extended Song Titles Version)
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
2 - I Told You Before 2
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
3 - She Came In Through the Bathroom Window 2
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
4 - Something 1
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
5 - Strawberry Feilds Piano
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
Run time 02:09:40


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